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Why you need a Coach

Can you confidently tick all the boxes below?

- My business has a history of growing revenue and profit by at least 25% year on year.

- My business is likely to continue growing by at least 25% every year in the future.

- My business is not dependent on any one employee, customer or supplier.

- My business is a cash cow not a cash suck and is likely to continue generating cash in the future.

- At least 60% of our revenue is automatic, annuity-based revenue from our ideal clients.

- My business is very well differentiated from competitors in our industry and does not compete on price.

- Our clients are very likely to re-purchase and also to refer us to our ideal clients.

- My business will continue to grow and thrive if I (and my fellow partners/directors) were unexpectedly unable to work for a period of three months or more.

If you couldn't confidently tick some of these boxes, you probably need a Coach! 


Your ActionCOACH Strategic Business Coach will...

  • Help you establish and review key strategic priorities and translate them into a comprehensive strategic plan! 
  • Work with you to translate strategies into actionable and quantitative plans!
  • Show you how to mobilize and manage teams of individuals charged with executing the plans!
  • Help you design a sales and recruitment system that works!    
  • Show you how to increase your profit margin while freeing up your time in the business!  
  • Show you how to develop and retain an awesome team of employees!  
  • Help you understand the numbers that drive the growth of your business.
  • Hold you accountable for the execution of your strategic plan.

Over the past 24 years of turning around and growing small businesses we have developed a proven 6-step process to help established business owners build their business and get it to a point where it continues to grow without their day-to-day involvement


If you don’t believe it’s possible, watch these video case studies.


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Who is Kanayo Eruchalu

Wide ranging experience. Working together, you will gain from my experience in leading business transformation and growth across completely different industries. You will advance your knowledge and skills to help you apply the correct strategies and tactics to build the type of business that gives you more life choices.

Dynamic strategy coach and mentor.  Having developed and coached teams in all the key functional areas, you will benefit from leveraging those capabilities to enrich your own business growth journey. I fully understand the discipline, determination, persistence and expertise that goes into building a profitable business that gives you a healthy work:life balance.

An accomplished business leader.  You will receive business growth and increased profit ...guaranteed. By taking your business to the next level you will fulfill your dreams and aspirations. You will receive insights gained from helping business leaders in large corporations scale up the business.

A passion for growing people and enterprises. I will help you align values and visions to get your business to where you crave it to be.  I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and be a sounding board to help challenge new ideas. Together, we will identify your personal and business goals and create an action plan for achieving them.  

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